The Animal Farm Crypto Explained: A Simple Guide To Investing in the Animal Farm Ecosystem

The Animal Farm, the latest crypto project from Forex Shark, is a deflationary, decentralized farming and lending protocol created for sustainable wealth accumulation. This post will walk you through understanding and getting started with the Animal Farm.

– This is not financial advice. Crypto is a volatile space. Do your homework please before taking any of my advice. I do not run a financial blog, but being a developer I love new technology, thus the post.

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After experiencing widespread success in the Drip network, I was quick to dive into the Animal Farm when it launched.

Being a developer, I am fascinated with the DeFi space and the innovation these developers are bringing. I also see the potential for much higher gains than with traditional cryptocurrency.

Given this excitement over the Animal Farm and receiving a handful of requests to do a post on it, I decided to create the content below.

And I am intentionally keeping it simple and practical for those looking to get their toes wet. You can find a more technical and detailed treatment out there on the interwebs.

And I do have a referral link if you want to use it.

The Animal Farm Simply Explained

According to the website, “the Animal Farm is the first deflationary, fully decentralized ownership yieldfarm/lending protocol where participants earn as an owner of the network.”

In my own laymen terms, the Animal Farm is:

  • A DeFi Ecosystem with multiple methods of investing.
  • An extension of the Drip network and another seemingly successful project by Forex Shark.
  • A robust platform that gives you the freedom to develop your own strategy of earning.

There are essentially FOUR different ways to earn money in the Animal Farm:

Click on the Farming tab. There are currently 20 token pairs you can choose to place your money. How this works, in theory, is that you deposit your money into a Pool and you receive LP tokens that represent the share you own of that pool. While your money is there, you earn interest on it. You can, at any time, unstake your LP tokens and remove the Liquidity pair.

On a practical level, on the Animal Farm, let's say you have $2000 and want to invest in the DRIP/BUSD pool. You would purchase $1000 of Drip and $1000 of BUSD. Then, on Pancakeswap, you would add the Liquidity (DRIP and BUSD) and receive back LP Tokens. Then, on the Animal Farm, you hit the + button on that paired pool and stake those LP Tokens.

The Animal Farm shows the APR (ex. 315%) and what currency you will earn (ex. Pigs).

To give you some real-life numbers, I have $3000 staked in the DOGS/BUSD pool and it pays out in PIGS 1% a day (about $30).

What’s GREAT about these pools is you do not lose your initial investment as you do with DRIP. You can unstake your initial amount anytime.

Go to the Pools tab. Pools are basically just staking your tokens. So I can take my BUSD and stake it in the BUSD pool for (as I am writing this) 71% APR and earn DOGS tokens. You can also unstake your initial amount anytime.

Pig Pen:
Go to the Pig Pen tab. The ultimate goal with the Animal Farm is to earn PIGS. By staking PIGS in the Pig Pen you can earn BUSD. You also become a partial owner of the Animal Farm by owning PIGS which is unheard of on Decentralized Exchanges. You also do not lose your initial investment as you can unstake anytime.

The Pig Pen has not paid out as much as people had hoped. In fact, it paid out very little compared to the amount people had invested. However, this will change drastically with the upcoming Piggy Bank which which launches 3/3/2022. Info on that will be for another post (post is live!), though in short you can stake (lock-up) your PIGS for a specific amount of time and it will earn up to 3% back daily while it's staked. This is a much better option than the Pig Pen. More info can be found here.

DRIP Garden:
Finally, we have the DRIP Garden. The DRIP Garden is much like DRIP (you lose what you put in, but it pays you back daily). The unique thing about the DRIP Garden, though, is that is pays back a whopping 3% per day.

Again, for real-life numbers, I have 436 plants (about $1800) and it's giving me about $65 per day! It pays out in DRIP/BUSD LP's.

You can also choose to Claim or recompound it much like DRIP. Don’t get bogged down with the intricacies of the Seeds and Plants upfront. As long as the DRIP price is doing well, the DRIP Garden will do well.

How To Get Started/Strategies

Now, this could be a book in itself. I’ll try to get you started with some principles.

First, if you benefit from this post at all, consider using my referral link to get started. Much appreciated.

Second, let’s consider the categories we talked about above.

Farming yields more than Pools. Start there. You can either choose farms that produce DOGS or farms that produce PIGS. The top three pools pay the highest reward (DOGS/BUSD, DOGS/WBNB, DRIP/BUSD). The ultimate goal is to accumulate PIGS.

So for instance, I am in three Farms that generate PIGS. When I harvest these rewards daily, I stake them over in to Pig Pen (when the Piggy Bank launches I will put them there instead).

I am in one Pool that rewards in DOGS. There is also a DOGS pool that rewards PIGS.

Do you see the cycle? Earn DOGS so that you can earn PIGS.

DOGS are also important. They will be used in the same way as BR34P tokens do in DRIP, for referrals. When the Piggy Bank launches you will need to have staked a certain number of DOGS in order to get a commission for referrals. The more DOGS, the higher percentage you receive for referrals. Remember, the price of BR34P went up exponentially when people started pouring into DRIP for this very reason, so I would look for the same to repeat with DOGS. Go get some.

Then, there is the DRIP Garden which is a favorite of many. Why? Because it pays out 3% daily!!! Sure you lose your initial investment when you buy in, but you’ll get your ROI back pretty quick at 3% daily.

So what does all this mean for you?

  1. Go in and take a look at the Farms. Buy some DOGS on Pancakeswap (address 0xDBdC73B95cC0D5e7E99dC95523045Fc8d075Fb9e) and BUSD.
  2. Then go to the Animal Farm, the Liquidity tab, and Add Dogs LP, pair up your DOGS/BUSD and you’ll receive LP Tokens.
  3. Now click the + in the DOGS/BUSD Farm to stake to earn PIGS.

The address for PIGS is 0x3A4C15F96B3b058ab3Fb5FAf1440Cc19E7AE07ce.

Also, consider investing in the DRIP garden. Harvest the daily profits (or recompound), which come as DRIP/BUSD LP tokens, and you can immediately stake them back in the DRIP/BUSD Farm (currently 326% APR) to earn PIGS.

To start with the DRIP Garden, go to the DRIP Liberation tab on Animal Farm and enter your BUSD. You don’t need the pair here as the app will divide them up for you. So if you enter $1000 BUSD, it will divide it into $500 BUSD and $500 DRIP and give you LP Tokens. Then go to the Drip Garden and choose Buy Plants to invest. Again, you don’t get this initial investment back, but you get 3% back daily in the form of DRIP/BUSD LP Tokens. There is conveniently a DRIP/BUSD Farm you can put your rewards in to keep stacking.

A Key Takeaway

A big takeaway here is that there is no “one strategy” to rule them all. There are many approaches and you are free to choose your own.

When I first got interested, I watched a lot of YouTube videos looking at different strategies. This only led to more confusion. In the end, get some money in there and then tweak as needed according to the strategy that works for you.

My simple strategy is to earn PIGS from the Farms and move them over to the Pig Pen or Piggy Bank for more rewards. Also to claim the 3% daily return from the DRIP Garden and put it back in the farms. Rinse and repeat for now.

Is the Animal Farm Sustainable

I lean towards Yes. I say this because:

  • Look at DRIP. Highly successful and full steam ahead. The tokenomics speak for themselves. Most people who bash DRIP have not taken the time to look into how it works. It truly is the first in its class.
  • Forex Shark has proven himself to the community as a highly innovative developer/visionary in the DeFi space and there is a massive, confident community backing his projects.
  • The upcoming DRIP partnerships with Chainlink, the new listings of DOGS and PIGS on HotBit, and many other factors that I don’t want to drag this post out with.

There is always risk in these projects so please do your own research, but this one I have a good amount of confidence in. I do me. You do you.

What about the Piggy Bank

As of the time of this writing the Piggy Bank is set to launch on 3/3/2022. That’s two days away. I’ve given a brief summary of this above so I won’t do it again here, but you can check out my full walkthrough for the Piggy Bank as well. It will be a MUCH better option than the current Pig Pen.


DRIP Garden viewer: A nice UI to track the growth of your DRIP Garden.

DRIP Calculator: A calculator for your DRIP accumulations.

The Animal Farm Farming Calculator: A calculator for entire Animal Farm Rewards. Yes, this app looks super sketchy. I usually connect my wallet, copy the totals and paste it into notepad, then immediately disconnect it from my Metmask. It can only read from your wallet, but still, good to be cautious.


So that’s my quick and dirty on how to get started with The Animal Farm Crypto space. Are you in it? How is it going for you? Let me know if you have any questions.


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