Best Skillshare Web Developer Courses For November 2018

Skillshare has been a wonderful new resources for me personally for a number of reasons mentioned below. Here's a list of the best Skillshare web developer courses for November 2018.

3 Reasons Why Skillshare is a great learning resource?

1. The courses are not a million hours like they are on Udemy. They are focused on specific skills (usually just one) and not a comprehensive "degree program." Sometimes you just need certain training or skills taught without the long six-month time investment

2. The amount of courses are growing to the point where you can find training on almost any topic from finances, to freelancing, to web and software development, time-management, and obscure topics like starting a dog walking business.

3. You can access Skillshare for TWO MONTHS – FREE! Click the button below to get set  for free!

Step 1: First, click the button and claim your TWO FREE months (otherwise you will only get one)!

Get Two Free Months

Step 2: Second, go and check out these top courses hand-picked by me!

Web Development

Data Science





Running a Web Agency

Mobile Development



Other Interesting Classes


What classes or courses are you taking these days? Share below.

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