CodeNewbie, When Are You Finally Ready?

As a CodeNewbie, the goal is ultimately to land a job. Prior to this, you are to do a wide and rigorous training, usually online..about 6 months, until you are equipped enough to undergo an intimidating technical interview by someone who is much more advanced than you.

The problem here is that one never quite feels ready for this next step. There is always one more thing to learn…one more thing to ‘master.’

This keeps most of us in a perpetual ‘learning’ phase and never moving into a ‘doing’ phase.

The Reason

The reason for this is because we allow our abilities to be determined by these potential employers and how they perceive us. If we do not get the job, it is because we have not learned enough; we are not ready and its back to the classes.

Even though we feel we have a good grasp on a certain language or framework, and are prepared for coding quizzes, the final determination falls in the hands of the potential employer and what they think of us.

Well I am here to tell you that this is not the final determination. It is one based on their specific expectations, company philosophy, and many times other factors that are out of your control (like already having a potential hire already lined up within the company but having to go through “outside interviews” because of protocol or legal requirements).

What’s a CodeNewbie to do?

The Solution

Keep this in mind: A potential employer does not determine your coding talent or what spot in the timeline of expertise you fall.

This is why I am finding the freelance route much more attractive.

You see, there are thousands and thousands of people/companies out there looking for exactly what you are able to deliver already: Websites customized or created, SEO optimization, small apps to help their small business…..basically anyone who needs technical work done but wishes to pass the technical headache on to someone else.

For this, you are well equipped. You are easily able to swap your learning for doing (though learning is of course an ongoing pursuit).


The main focus for any client is the End Result, not what languages you are best at or any other technical jargon. They want something done and they are not interested in the technical means, but in the end result.

You are able to deliver that, and you are not left rejected by some Supervisor out there with 20+ years expertise.

So when are you finally ready? When you can fulfill the need of another, and there are many ‘others’ looking for your help.

So find a need, and meet it. You are equipped to do so.


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