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What exactly is and how can it benefit you? As it is currently on AppSumo, I want to help you understand in this Crystal AppSumo Review.

To be honest, I could not quite tell exactly what was from the AppSumo page.

Is it just Siri? Do I have to talk to it? Can I type? Is there a dashboard?How will this benefit me?

Given that it’s $99/month normally, it should be providing some sort of value. 

And given that AppSumo is offering a lifetime, Premium, offer on this, I need to look into it. 

It has been a while since I have posted an AppSumo review, simply because I don’t need the majority of products on there. But this one looked promising, REAL promising from the outset. AND, there is a mobile app already for iOS and Android. 

So here’s my Crystal AppSumo review to help you decide whether it might be for you.

Crystal AppSumo Review –

A Fun & Detailed Walkthrough Video

If you prefer a video review and walkthrough then here you go. Otherwise, continue reading for the detailed blog post. 

Or you can read all about it:

Given that AppSumo already has a post describing what it is, in this review I simply want to take you on the inside and show you its features. 

And we’ll begin by going across the main tabs at the top as seen here.

The Advisor

crystal appsumo review advisor menu

The Advisor is where you ASK or WRITE a question. Did you get that? You can ask, and she will answer. And you can write, and she will answer via text. 

So far, the AI here is fantastic. I mean, how many sources do have to visit to gather this much information? With Crystal, you can do it all in one place. 

Here are some example questions you can ask Crystal:


Loaded! And what if you are running a Twitter or a Facebook ad campaign?

You can check all your stats there as well. 


These questions pull data not only from your Social Media sources, including your ad campaigns, but also your Google Analytics data, and in my own testing:

  • the answers are accurate and up to date
  • the data is retrieved obnoxiously fast
  • the speech recognition of Crystal is very good (coming from a guy that was in the speech recognition field for 8 years)

You can also connect your WooCommerce and pull its data. 

So for the outset of this Crystal AppSumo review, I am super excited about this product. 


crystal appsumo review analytics menu

Next up in this Crystal AppSumo Review we’ll look at the next tab, Analytics. 

This was a big one for me and answered my question, “is there a dashboard where I can get an overview?”

It sure is. Here is a shot of my scanty YouTube analytics:

crystal appsumo review analytics

Checking my Google Analytics, Twitter, and other options, they are also accurate, up-to-date, and best of all….all in one place!


crystal appsumo review reports menu

Next in the Crystal AppSumo review, we will look at the Reports section.

Here, you create your own custom reports. 

You name it -> choose your platform -> and add your desired metrics. 

Here’s a report again of my scanty YouTube Channel with only three metrics chosen out of 11. Each platform has its own amount of differing metrics

crystal appsumo review reports


crystal appsumo review publisher menu

Now this next section in our Crystal AppSumo review is very, very interesting. 

Basically, you can publish and schedule posts (or videos) to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

You can create new posts, schedule them at either a custom time or use the “Genius Mode” to suggest the best time, and you can see you content AND your calendar of your scheduled posts. 

crystal appsumo postingcrystal appsumo review calendarcrystal appsumo review content

Very neat. 

I’m not sure I’ll be utilizing this feature at this point, but it’s great to have. 


crystal appsumo review campaigns menu

In this section, you can view your Facebook, Twitter, and AdWords campaigns. 

Here’s a current campaign I started. I can view the budget, the CPM, and even pause the campaign from this screen!

I asked Crystal how it was doing and she told me it had been clicked 7 times. 


A nice feature!


crystal appsumo review connector menu

And last in this Crystal AppSumo review, is the Connector tab. 

This is essentially where you will connect all your platforms. Note that the LinkedIn connector is for LinkedIn Pages only.

crystal appsumo review connector

Overall Features Currently on AppSumo

  • Lifetime access to the Crystal Premium plan
  • Social media and websites connection (FB, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Analytics, WooCommerce) for up to 5 brands. Not platforms, or websites, but entire brands!
  • The AI powered advisor, also with Mobile Apps
  • Team sharing
  • Analytics
  • 60 day money back guarantee


The software is very nice already, and looks more promising in the days to come, especially with its Machine Learning focus and the fact that it is programmed to get smarter in regards to your data over time. 

Right now I am excited and I would encourage you to pick up this deal while it’s available. 

While normally this is $99/month (super expensive), you can get it on AppSumo now for a one time fee of $50, for a lifetime, Premium license! 


  • Accurate, quick data retrieval, both via voice and typing
  • Accurate speech recognition
  • LOTS of data all in one place for multiple key platforms
  • A Dashboard for each platform
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android!!
  • AI and Machine Learning – Getting smarter with your data over time
  • Easy to use, nice UI


  • Nothing so far. However some have pointed out that it would great to be able to print or save the reports. I agree, but I don’t really have a need for it at the moment.

Again you can grab this deal on AppSumo, just click the link below:


6/9/2018 – released its Public Roadmap – check it out!

Have you tried the software yet? What do you think? And please let me know below if you have any questions about it, and I’ll do my best to help answer.


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