How I Lost My iLok And Recovered Everything Within Three Business Days

It’s every audio engineer’s nightmare, losing an iLok. For those who are not familiar, the iLok is a USB device that holds the licenses for your audio software. No iLok… software.

There are a few “insurance” options offered, but my experience is that your average Joe does not have these (Zero Downtime and Theft & Loss Coverage) due to the cost. Sure, they are crucial in the event that your iLok is lost, but we never expect that to happen right….at least to justify the cost of this coverage.

Well, I recently moved into a new house and my iLok turned up lost.

A quick internet search returned an overwhelmingly dismal response from those with the same fate.

Well, if that is you, I leaned in and did the work. Fortunately, my experience was great and I hope to provide for you the steps so that yours can be the same.

1. Order a new one

If you are sure your iLok is lost, the next logical step forward would be to go ahead and order one. More than likely you have an iLok 2. Well, the third generation holds more licenses, is more durable, half the size, and twice as fast. Go for it. Get the ball rolling. You can get it on Amazon here for $45.

I ordered mine from Sweetwater because it was backordered on Amazon. Same price, free shipping, and I received it within two days….which leads me to my next step:

2. File an RMA report

Go to and file an RMA report stating your iLok is lost. They responded back to me within an hour or two with an incident number, RMA number, and the last known licenses on my iLok. This RMA number is what you must provide to the software companies in order for them to re-deposit the licenses on your new iLok.

3. Contact the software companies

So this was the “dreaded step” in everyone’s horror story, battling with the software companies to get your license back. Well, not so for me. Fortunately I only had to contact five companies and they all responded swiftly with replacement licenses. It was a Monday that I submitted by lost iLok report and send the information to the software companies. Softtube responded nd deposited licenses within the same day! The next, Tuesday, I heard back from iZotope, SoundToys, UVI, and Slate Digital, all with great news that new licenses had been deposited onto my new iLok.

My Timeline

Friday – I ordered the new iLok from Sweetwater.
Monday – I received the iLok, submitted the RMA at, and sent in support tickets to the software companies. I also received new licenses from Softtube.
Tuesday – I received the rest of the licenses.

Your Timeline

Step 1 – Order a new iLok from Amazon or Sweetwater.
Step 2Submit the RMA to iLok and receive the RMA info back. You will need this.
Step 3 – Go to the support page of all the software companies of which you have licenses, tell them you lost your iLok, have a new one (give them the new serial number), give them all the RMA info, and the licenses you had.


Thats it! You may have the same experience. You may have to wait longer. Regardless, take these steps and you will at least be doing everything correct on your side.

Have you been through this before with your iLok. How was your experience?


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