After increased interest in my 'Learn To Code and Get A Job in Six Months' Blueprint, I've decided to turn my focus in 2019 to coaching, specifically helping a handful of people make this Blueprint a reality.

Since creating the Learn to Code Blueprint Ebook, I’ve heard first-hand the struggles that come with learning to code. These include:

  • The need for accountability
  • Distraction
  • Lack of direction and focus
  • Imposter syndrome
  • The need for more practical and “real-life” projects
  • Difficulty in landing a job
  • And many more…

Not A Bootcamp

Last year we saw the closing of two major bootcamps: Dev Bootcamp and The Iron Yard.

Bootcamps, as great as an idea as they were, have proven less successful in preparing aspiring coders for real-life job scenarios as had hoped. 

Companies are catching onto the fact that these graduates are still unprepared. 


  • A surface level accountability
  • Generalized curriculums
  • Lack of Real-life preparation
  • A rush through foundational thinking
  • Lack of confidence and ability upon completion
  • And more…

The Other Villian

What about not joining a bootcamp, but instead learning on our own?

Well, imagine this all to common scenario:

Jane starts learning to code with Treehouse. She learns HTML and things are getting fun. She jumps to CSS and is now learning how to finally style things. 

Then Jane (unfortunately) decides to check Twitter midday and sees that other people are working in JavaScript. It looks like fun…and they say it’s easy. So she puts CSS on hold and decides to begin a course in JavaScript. She gets overwhelmed, and begins to feel like she doesn’t have a good foundation at all… she will never get it. 

Instead of giving up though, she is resilient and decides to try out this other new course on Udemy that her friend says is the best. Jane commits now to starting over at the beginning, determined to work through the basics again. 

She begins HTML again and this time it’s easy. She feels great. She gets to CSS and makes it pretty far this time. Jane feels confident.

Then someone on Twitter starts talking React and it sounds enticing. It seems everyone is buying this guy Wes Bos’s new course. Jane remembers that she knows a little JavaScript already, so she decides to commit to learning React and picks up the course. 

So she begins to learn React. And on and on.

What’s the problem here?

The problem is that she is getting nowhere! She is in that infinite loop of LEARNING.

You see, as long as we stay in this loop, we feel like we are doing something…getting somewhere..making some progress. We commit again to another #100DaysOfCode and revel in the likes we get when we make our “announcement” again. 

But from the outside looking in, we will never reach our goals. AND, we will never become confident, successful coders. 

My Alternative For 2019!

So beginning in January 2019, I’m taking on 10 students….10 students committed to learning to code and making that career change in six months. 

In these six months:

  • Each student will receive a curriculum customized for their specific goals and desired specializations. It will be broken down week-by-week, course-by-course.
  • Each student will jump on a call with me twice a week not only for accountability and focus, but for personalized coding help and whatever else we need to help you reach your goals.
  • Each student will be given random projects based on real-life scenarios and according to the current focus of their course. These projects will be performed on mock websites (or even real) that I create, and requests will be given to you similar to how you would receive them from clients. 
  • Students will be encouraged to develop professional and rewarding habits along the way, namely creating a website and growing it along the way with not only portfolio items and relevant blog posts, but to inspire and become a relevant online voice in their field of expertise.
  • Upon completion, students will have me (and 10 other programmers) as references to use in their job search. I will be able to personally vouch for your coding growth and confidently be able to refer you to employers.  
  • Students will join me in a private Facebook group throughout the course where we get to know one another, encourage one another, have fun, and get comfortable talking about programming together.

Are you in?

There will be more info to come as I’m creating the specifics now.

But in the meantime:

Is this something that interests you? Do you know someone who would benefit from this kind personalized pursuit?

If so, shoot me a note and let me know.


Due to the feedback and processing things in my head, this will not be a coaching program, but an online course. ​

Enrollment just opened. Go check it out!

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