20 Minute Methods – JavaScript


Learn 30 JavasScript methods in 12 days with this ebook. Just commit to 20 minutes a day for 12 days, follow this interactive manual, and take your JavaScript skills to a more confident and thorough level. High-quality Cheat Sheet included!!



Learn 30 JavaScript Methods in 12 days, 20 minutes a day

One trait of a good developer is a person that can write code, not copy and paste it only. Or at least doing the former much more than the latter.

I was a copy and paste developer for a long time, relying heavily on Stack Overflow code that I would snatch and then alter to meet the conditions of my own purposes.

Now I’m not saying you can’t do this, but you should reach a point where you can produce a lot of code from scratch, talking through it out loud and actually “writing code.”

So in an effort to get better at typing code without looking everything up, AND in an effort to become better acquainted with the syntax and methods of JavaScript, I created this blueprint.

20 minute methods is a commitment to schedule out 12 days in order to devote 20 minutes to learning individual JavaScript methods one bite at a time; methods like split(), map(), slice(), join(), indexOf(), toString(), reduce(), etc.

You can complete the lessons in sequence, i.e. 12 days, or you can plan to do them every other day, perhaps 3 days a week and complete it all in 4 weeks. It’s up to you.

More info can also be found here.


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