Why Hire Me?

My name is Travis and I’m a technical writer located in Central Virginia. Software Engineering is my passion and that includes writing about it.

I’m a Developer

First of all, I’m a developer. I understand the tech behind the content.

Over the past five years, I’ve gone from building app for web agencies to freelancing to accommodating hundreds of thousands of users on to mission-critical, large-scale, multi-cloud DevOps Engineering.

In the process, I’ve either studies or written hundreds of pages of technical documentation.

I’ve also written tutorials and reviews of it all here on the blog.

I’m a Writer

As stated above, I’m able to convey these technical concepts to the everyday reader.

I’ve done it for 5 years. From automated Kubernetes deployments with Pulumi to web hosting reviews, it’s all here on the site for you to see.

I understand SEO

Finally, I understand keywords, keyword research, backlinks, and all those SEO concepts that make for a successful article.

Just type in “best zsh plugins” or “css grow on hover” or “how to use slick slider”, you’ll see my articles at the top.

Contact Me

Maybe you don’t need a technical writer, but just someone to pepper your website every now and then with fresh content. Either way, I’d love to hear from you.

Click that “envelope” icon over to the left to send me a message.