The Best Freelance Invoicing and Accounting Software Update 2019

Finding a full-featured freelance invoicing and accounting app at a great price can be a challenge. In this post I want to share two apps that I think meet the complete needs of most freelancers.

I've been through a lot of invoicing and accounting apps. In fact, I wrote an article all about it last October. 

But a lot has changed since then, and I think I've finally ironed out a solid matchup of freelance invoicing apps to not only meet my invoicing and accounting needs, but many others as well. 

I won't mention apps like Freshbooks and Harvest again as my opinions still stand from the previous article, but I will speak on the rest. 

Here we go:

Pancake App

This WAS my go-to app. This WAS my all-in-one-solution indefinitely. 

Then they released an update that broke the Stripe integration (and created a handful of other errors). All of a sudden clients were like "your payment system isn't working." So based on Pancake's "well known support" I reached out and got an answer that the developers were looking into it. 

A week passed with no solution. I had to give clients a workaround. Frankly, it's a bit embarrasing to have to do this, but it's temporary right? Wrong. Weeks passed, same answer until finally, no further response. Two months in, the invoicing system is still broken and I'm out. Customer service is really a make or break aspect of your business.

So long … Pancake app.

Back to Zoho

One thing about Zoho, they are a reliable a solid solution. So I went back there. In fact, I gave Zoho One a trial and really liked all the features. 

But ……. it just feels so old and out of date. if you've used it you know what I mean right? Other apps are pleasing to the eye and "fun" and Zoho, while reliable, just seems like a step back in time. 

But I decided to stay with them until I found an alternative.

Parked at Plutio

And Black Friday brought the answer…..Plutio! It was listed on AppSumo for a steal price. Since then I have been very, very pleased with it.

What is Plutio?….

  • It's a project management tool
  • It's a task app
  • It's an invoicing system
  • It has drag-and-drop Proposals and Contracts
  • It has a client portal
  • It allows teamates
  • And more

I have not looked back since using it and highly recommend it!

But there are two temporary downsides: 

  • The API is in Beta, meaning there is no direct integrations yet (but will soon have them). 
  • It is not an accounting app, nor should it be with all it has included.

Not an accounting app?

Yes. Plutio has sooo much going for it, for it to incorporate all that is involved with being an accounting app would ruin it, IMO. However, I would like to see just a simple income/expenses dashboard, but that's getting us sidetracked. 

But no worries. Once it receives it's "integration wings" I will be linking it up with Wave Financial (yes that's the name now!). Wave is FREE and boasts being FREE forever. 

It's a rock-solid solution for your all your accounting needs. 

The perfect match (and price)?

So with Plutio you get literally EVERYTHING, minus the accounting features. For those, you simply use Wave app. With just two apps you have:

  • Invoicing
  • Time Tracking
  • Project Management
  • Proposals
  • Contracts
  • Inbox (coming soon)
  • Calendar integration
  • A CRM
  • Full accounting features

Now if you want to keep it completely FREE, Wave will give you invoicing and time-tracking as well. But Plutio gives you ALL the other expensive features in one place.


So Plutio is currently my go to solution for ALL THINGS minus accounting and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

It is currently $15/month but I have a feeling it's soon to go up with not only all that it offers but all the coming features on it's roadmap. 

Go and try it out for FREE for 14 days!

It also has a lively (and refreshing) Facebook group where the creator Leo is very active in it. You would be crazy not to snatch up this app.

That covers all things freelance invoicing. To cover all things accounting….Wave Financial all the way. It's a FREE powerhouse. 

What invoicing and accounting apps do you use and recommend?

What about the other Apps?

Quickbooks – You can't track time with the Self-Employed or Simple Start plan. I trialed the self-employed plan and it was lacking so many features that are only included in the Essentials plan. 

Xero – $30/month and still not full featured with that!

Bonsai – Love it! I really do. And only $16/month when paid annually. If I didn't get Plutio on a lifetime deal, this one may be the one rival.

And Co – A nice free app with many, many features. I just don't like the UI or UX at all!

Dubsado – A full-featured app and a solid solution.  I didn't like the UX or UI with this one either, felt kind of outdated. And a bit pricey compared to similar alternatives.


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