The Best Resource For Learning Angular in 2019

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Angular is still a very thriving and healthy framework regardless of all the React hype. In this post, I’ll share what I think is the best resource for learning Angular in 2019.

At my job, there was mention of shifting me over to a new project that was using Angular. Now it’s been a while since I’ve used Angular. In fact, it’s been like Angular.js since I’ve used Angular, and you know how different 1 is from 2!

Therefore, as I usually do, I took some time to find a course to brush up on Angular.

So after a day or two of searching and trying out a number of potential courses, I wanted to share what courses I looked at and what I ultimately decided was the best resource for learning Angular in 2019.

Angular 8 – The Complete Guide by Maximilian Schwarzmuller

I like this guy and his teaching style. He’s very knowledgable on many subjects and a skilled teacher for sure. However, his courses can be soooo long. This course was 37 hours and very, very thorough. However, it just moves too slow, especially if you are already a programmer.

Angular Crash Course for Busy Developers by Mosh Hamedani

Another wonderful Udemy teacher, and hey, this course is 10 hours. This is a great option for programmers looking to sweep through how Angular works, the syntax, concepts, features, etc.

However, I wanted to build something and this course doesn’t provide that. I figured it would be better to build a few things and then revisit this if needed.

Pro Angular 6, 3rd Edition

Forget having to sit at the computer and watch people talk. I decided to look into books so I could move a bit faster and this book had excellent reviews on Amazon. And it could be downloaded for free on Github.

But I found it a bit…..backward. It started off well but then it took this approach: “Let’s build something and do all this stuff you haven’t learned yet, and then after we build it we’ll talk about what we did.” So after it ramped up steeply in the second chapter I closed it out. Not my style.

The Best Resource For Learning Angular in 2019

ng-book: The Complete Book on Angular

The gem in all the Angular resources! And the previous version of it can be found for FREE on Github.

This is one of the most well-formatted programming books I’ve read in a while. It has multiple projects, starting from very simple to more complex as more concepts are introduced. It covers Typescript early. And the author has a great way of explaining Angular concepts when he introduces them.

Another nice approach to this book is that once you have learned something, it is assumed in the next project so that you have to get your hands wet and remember to apply what you’ve learned without his prompting.

So, for instance, once you learn to generate a component, in the next project a mere mention will be made to “go ahead and create a product-list component” and he moves on without walking you through it again.

For me, it provides nice, gradual complexity as the book progresses while cutting out all the added fluff that makes these books too dense.


So if you are looking to brush up on your Angular skills or are coming to Angular from a Vue or React background, I would advise you to check out ng-book: The Complete Book on Angular. It’s by far the best resource for learning Angular in 2019 in my opinion.

Again, you can find it for free here, or you can purchase the newest edition that covers Angular 8.


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