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Land That Coding job In 2019!

9 Practical Steps to making 2019 the year that you land that developer jobs

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From CodeNewbie to Full Time Freelancer in One Year

  • 1. The Beginnings
  • 2. Training
  • 3. Website
  • 4. Upwork
  • 5. Oh no! Im not a designer
  • 6. Tools
  • 7. The Exit Strategy
  • 8. Some Final Words

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Learn To Code & Get A Job In Six Months – The Blueprint

A step-by-step, week-by-week, practical blueprint for those wishing to learn to code and get a job in six months.

  • From basic HTML, through to the coding interview
  • A week-by-week breakdown of each skill and exactly which course to take
  • Get the Experience and land the Job

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20 Minute Methods: Learning JavaScript One Bite At A Time

30 Methods / 12 Days / 20 Minutes a day
High-quality Cheat Sheet included!!

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