After Being Outsourced, It Is Time For A Major Change

Everyone knew it was coming; it was just a matter of time. Yesterday, our department at work was officially notified that as of May 1, 2017, we would no longer have a job. We are being outsourced.

Fortunately, they opted to keep me on to be a facilitator between our company and the company the work is being outsourced to. “Fortunately.” Well, I am thankful for this but at the same time I feel that it will only be for a season, and as soon as that task is up I will be on the way out the door as well.

Now, to be fair, this is what big companies do. There are budgets and quotas to meet, and if they are able to better do this without a department or a person, then by all means no need to waste time or money.

As for me, I am 35 and have worked and broad range of jobs and have moved up the ladder a number of times. I have worked under bosses who can only type with one finger and around employees who complain continually about how they hate their jobs. I have slaved away in kitchens for minimum wage and I have also attended regular meetings with executives who make four times what I make.

Recently, I have been learning to code in order to transition into a coding career with “some” company. I have developed a huge love for coding. But is this really the path I want to go? Do I really want to continue building other peoples’ empires?

No I don’t.

And frankly, I am changing things.

I am going to begin a freelance career and I will give myself to the end of this year to be doing it full time.

I have a plan and timeline laid out. I have goals and certain drastic adjustments I will make.

This will become a major focus in my blog and I will be sharing my steps and experiences along the way.

In the next few weeks and months I will lay out my timeline, philosophy, which languages and niche I will focus on, my plan to find clients, and much more.

Stay tuned..


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