How To Become A Software Engineer in Six Months: A Blueprint

Learning to code in six months is most definitely an achievable goal. In this post, I'll point you to a blueprint that will get you there.

People always doubt me when I say you can become a software engineer in six months.

Even when I put forth myself as an example, they say it’s not possible.

But there are a few factors that not only make it possible but actually possible in a six-month timespan.

  1. Drive: It takes a big WHY to do this. For me, my job was soon to be outsourced, and I would be not only without a job but without any direction in my career. Thankfully, a little taste of coding is all I needed to steer this ship forward at full speed.
  2. Focus: Most people learning to code get distracted along the way. It takes laser focus, without looking the right or the left, to succeed at this.
  3. Commitment: Anyone can do anything for six months. It’s a short span of time in the long run. You will need to cancel your extracurricular activities and say no to distractions. You must be all in.

But I think one of the most important reasons I was able to learn to code and land a job in six months is the fact that I had a blueprint.

I had created a step-by-step, week-by-week, course-by-course plan of action that I could track alongside of.

With this blueprint, I went heads down and didn’t look up.

And if you are looking to do the same, I think this will be the secret ingredient for you as well.

And guess what…. you’ve come to the right place!

This is because I have created the blueprint for you in the form of a cheatsheet.

Whether you have NO coding experience or very little, this blueprint cheatsheet provides:

  1. A HQ printable six-month roadmap/cheatsheet from HTML beginnings to job-ready coding skills

  2. A supplement document with the exact course, resources, and lessons you need to use along the way

  3. A week-by-week trackable system

  4. A large portfolio project that I’ve put together including instructional videos and solution files to help you if you get stuck.

If you are truly motivated to do this, to put in the hard work learning to code over the course of 24 weeks, then these documents will get you there.

Here’s a video explaining it all (and here’s a link to the blueprint):


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