Become a Web Developer From Scratch in 2023

The Exact Blueprint… The Exact Course… And How To Land the Job.

Tens of thousands of people without degrees or experience have changed careers into web development, including myself.

It’s 100% attainable.

You just need a solid plan, the right course, and persistence.

Below I’ll try and answer three foundational questions:

  1. What exactly do I need to learn?
  2. What exact course(s) do I need to take?
  3. How do I land the job?

So if you are a complete beginner or even someone looking for more direction in their path towards a career in web development, then go make some coffee, come back, and soak it in.

Resources mentioned
The ONLY Web Developer Course You Need -

Secondary resources
Free Code Camp JS algorithms -
Start a blog for $2.95/month and free domain -

Complete Printable Blueprint


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