Best Skillshare Courses For Web Developers 2019 (by language)

Skillshare remains a top learning resource for web developers looking to level up. Here are the best Skillshare courses for web developers 2019.

Four Reasons Why You Should Use Skillshare

1. The courses are not massive like they are on Udemy. Fifty+ hours is just too long in my opinion. Many of Skillshare's courses are focused on specifics or are broken into parts. 

2. The topics are vast. You can level up no only in web development and design, but really any skills you can think of.

3. Many instructors on Udemy also cross-post their courses on Skillshare, which leads me to….

4. Being an instructor, I can offer an exclusive TWO MONTHS – FREE on Skillshare! Click the button below to get set  for free!

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The Best Skillshare Courses for Web Developers 2019

Once you've signed up for your two free months, here are some of my own personal recommendations based on language/framework/topics.

Web Development







Data Science

Running a Web Agency

Mobile Development



Other Interesting Classes


So this makes up my list of  best Skillshare courses for web developers 2019. What classes or courses are you taking these days? Share below.

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