Books Read and Courses Taken in May 2018

The month of May is complete and it’s my pleasure to share some of the books I’ve been reading and courses that I’ve taken during these 31 days. I do this monthly not only for accountability, but to encourage my readers to keep learning and growing so that we don’t grow stagnant in our careers as freelancers, web developers, etc. So let’s start with some books read in May 2018.

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Books Read in May 2018

Ghost in the Wires by Kevin Mitnick

ghost in the wires books read in may 2018

The book of the month! Hacking, social engineering, dumpster diving, a nerd running from the Feds, it’s all here in an absolutely thrilling biography.

I literally listened to this book in a couple of days, it was that good, especially if you do any work in the field of computers and programming. 

What’s interesting is that Mitnick wasn’t in it to get rich or for any real “unethical reasons,” but just couldn’t stop pursuing the thing he loved most: hacking and social engineering. 

Really a fascinating, real-life account, with a wonderful ending as well. Highly recommended! Get two audiobooks for free (including this one) with a free trial –> Sign Up

The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D

This book literally could be summed up in 10 pages. Reading the whole thing I found a repetitive, time-waster.

The entire book can be summed up like this: Millionaires are not the people you think they are (living fancy, driving the best cars, etc. (those are the people in debt)), but are actually your next door neighbors who live somewhat frugal and have good money management habits. And then there are hundreds of pages to back it up.

The rest is indeed interesting and the authors make their case well, but again, I could have just settled with a summary. Free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription (first month free!)

The Entrepreneur Mind by Kevin Johnson

Now, this book is a gem and not one that you can read in a few days or a week. Not because it is long, but because it is broken up into so many little chapters that tackle individual concepts and practices. 

Kevin Johnson really offers a LOT of helpful experience and practical lessons from his years as an entrepreneur.

This is a book that you keep on the nightstand and glean a nugget from day by day. 

I literally never heard of Kevin Johnson before, but he’s a really fascinating guy with an excellent book. He was also a software developer so another plus there. Go pick it up. Free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription (first month free!)

The Daily Entrepreneur by S.J. Scott & Rebecca Livermore

Another recommended book, and one that isn’t written by “the elite,” but two authors who I found to be very practical and “normal” like me and you. 

This book is similar to the above in that it is broken up in an extended number of chapters, but goes a little deeper (with fewer concepts) and could be read quicker. 

For any blogger, writer, small business owner, etc., this book offers some great advice on developing good habits that will your chances at a successful, long-term freelance career. Free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription (first month free!)

Hmm, I’m sensing a theme this month. 

Courses Taken in May 2018

Online Marketing Foundations –

online marketing foundations books read in may 2018

I went into this course just as a refresher, thinking I knew most of it already. But it proved to be a fairly comprehensive overview and a LOT of information packed into one course. 

It also tackled a lot of marketing platforms and tactics like content, display, email, mobile, and social marketing as well as SEO and analytics. 

Sure, each section was an overview and a high overview, but also packed with good, quality information. 

I would recommend this to anyone doing ANY work on the web. 

And that’s it for books read in May 2018 and courses taken. 

What are you reading these days? I would love you to leave some recommendations for me below.

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