A Review of Voila: The All-In-One AI Assistant

While many people are chasing the latest and greatest in AI tools, many of us would benefit from ONE, simple tool that does it all! Today I want to share with you the tool that I use.

There are so many AI tools out there now, how do we choose one that really helps us out, day-to-day?

Many of us are only interested in the new shiny AI objects and thus never really take hold of the practicality of what’s there for us to use now.

And the other half refuses to use AI tools at all.

Well, in this post I want to help you find a balance between these two extremes.

We’re at the point in history where tools like ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot are available to make us more productive and efficient in our day-to-day tasks by acting as personal assistants.

And what we want is a personal assistant that can do it all, in one place. A personal assistant that is easily accessible (from a key command) and versatile so that we can take hold of the technology that is currently there in front of our faces.

So today, I want to share with you the ONE TOOL that I use daily that does just that.

It’s accessible, versatile, accurate, and speeds up my workflow tremendously, not only as a programmer but as a content creator as well.

And this tool is called Voila!

Watch the Video?

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What Is Voila?

Voila is an AI personal assistant, available as a browser extension, that ultilizes the power of GPT-4.

On my Mac, with the buttons Command + M, I can open the prompt and choose from a plethora of options.

And what makes Voila unique is that it not only opens in your browser with all these options, but it is context-aware in that it can answer requests based on the webpage you are on, or document you have open, or the text you have highlighted.

Very, very helpful. And we’ll look at examples below.

Why Voila?

Why Voila?

Well, because I’m tired of having to open the ChatGPT website and log in every time I need to use it.

Voila gives me instant access with a simple keyboard command.

And the versatility that is built in is more helpful than just a blank GPT chat window.

How Do I Get Voila?

Before we look at some juicy examples, Voila is currently on a Black Friday sale that’s too good to pass up.

Normally, Voila is $8/month for Premium or $24/month for Ultimate.

But this Black Friday deal gives you the app for a one-time fee of $29!

Update: Black Friday deal has ended but you can still grab this app at their website of course.

Don’t miss this and have to settle for the old ways (monthly payments).

5 Ways I Use Voila

Okay, let’s look at some examples of how I am currently utilizing Voila.

1. As A Coding Assistant

First, as a coding assistant. Instead of looking up particulars in the documentation, or Googling around for answers, I can just open Voila and ask it to produce some starter code for me. Like so…

That’s amazing.

I can also:

  • Continue asking to tweak that code to do more things
  • Feed it new code and ask it to clean it up, add to it, or even explain it to me!
  • Ask it ANY coding or tech-related questions that I have without having to search through Google to find them.

2. To Summarize Articles

I like to read tech articles first thing in the morning each day.

And, to be honest, some of them are TOO long.

Thus I use Voila to summarize articles for me.

Remember, Voila is context-aware of the page so I can just ask it for a summary of the open article, OR the document or page I actively have open.

That’s a huge time-saver.

3. Answering and Writing Emails

Voila also shows up IN my Gmail.

I can use it to write replies to emails OR to draft new emails. I can give it a central idea of what I want to say, and choose a tone, and it will write out an elegant email for me to copy and send.

4. Scheduling Calendar Events

Another wonderful use case for Voila is quickly scheduling my calendar events.

I simply say, “Hey Voila, add to my calendar a dentist appointment next Friday at 3” and it will open my calendar and create a new entry for me to then confirm (or edit further).

5. Other Useful Cases

Voila has many other useful features like particular AI Assistants (Social Media Manager, UX Specialist, SEO Expert, Math Teacher, etc), spelling and grammar aids, Website Copy, and the ability to translate any text or page, on the spot.

For example, I can pull up the German news, highlight a block of text that I’m wondering about and Voila will translate that text.

OR, I can use the Cover Letter assistant, add the role and company I’m applying with, paste in my resume, and it will write out a cover letter based on my resume.

And this is only scratching the surface. Go and see the many other use cases for Voila.


So while Voila is just a GPT-4 bot, it has added features that make it ACCESSIBLE, PRACTICAL, and it’s a tool that WILL be used because it’s right there in your browser.

I’ve found it immensely helpful in my day-to-day and use it daily.

Again, for the next 12 days, it’s available as a lifetime deal…a ONE-TIME payment.

Don’t sleep on it.


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