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Create a ChatGPT Front-End Interview Bot | Full-Stack

In this course we'll build a front-end interview bot that will literally interview you for a React front-end developer position. The end result is that you will be able to talk back and forth with it, in a conversational mode.

We'll learn:

  • How to interact with the OpenAI API
  • How to use the Whisper model to transcribe our voice to text
  • How ChatGPT stores chat history and how we can implement this
  • How to use the ElevenLabs API to provide a realistic voice for the bot
  • How to create a front-end providing a UI to talk back and forth with your new bot
  • How to tweak the bot to be really any person you want it to be

You can build the entire back-end for FREE! Here's the video. However, the front-end is part of the full course and will be available in the Travis Media Community under Courses.

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Decentralized Bike Rental App

Create a Decentralized Bike Rental App on the Binance Smart Chain using Solidity for the Smart Contract and React/Ethers.js on the front end. A solid project for your Web3 portfolio.

In this decentralized bike rental app course you'll learn

  • How to use BNB in Remix IDE instead of Ether.
  • How to create a secure Smart Contract in Solidity and deploy it to the Binance Smart Chain.
  • How to interact with your Smart Contract and the Blockchain from a React front-end.
  • How to display error messages from your smart contract on the front-end.
  • How a decentralized project like this can provide sustainable income for the owner.

You can see the final app in action as well as hear more about the course in the video above.

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Learn FastAPI By Building a FastAPI / React Todo App

Create a fun Todo App by creating a FastAPI backend, persisting to SQL, and using React as the front end to talk to the API and present a user interface to end users.

More information on the course including the first video for FREE, can be found by clicking this button:

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20 Minute Methods: Learning JavaScript One Bite At A Time

In an effort to get better at typing code without looking everything up, AND in an effort to become better acquainted with the syntax and methods of JavaScript, I created this 12 day, blueprint course.

With this course comes a commitment to schedule out 12 days in order to devote 20 minutes to learning individual JavaScript methods one bite at a time; methods like split(), map(), slice(), join(), indexOf(), toString(), reduce(), etc.

30 Methods / 12 Days / 20 Minutes a day
High-quality Cheat Sheet included!!

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