Learning to code is EASY! But there are many who fail. How can these two both be true?

Well, I believe that learning to code is easy, and by learning to code I mean learning enough to start applying for jobs.

If you can follow just three steps in learning to code, and adamantly avoid a few things that cause so many to fail, you will be in the clear.  

I'll discuss what these are in this video:  

  1. Three simple steps anyone can take to learn to code and start applying for jobs
  2. Three reasons people fail in the above steps. Don't make these mistakes and you'll succeed.
  3. My #1 mindblowing, but simple, secret for learning to code
  4. Two tools for growth while learning to code

Travis Rodgers

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Hi, I'm the Travis in Travis.Media. I'm a self-taught software developer, blogger, and YouTuber, sharing everything I'm learning along the way.

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