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I was able to learn to code and step out as a full time freelancer in one year (You can read all about that here). I’ve tried a bootcamp, worked for web agencies, created online courses, and have build high quality websites, all while learning to code (and often being in over my head)!

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Since learning to code and gaining more experience as a web developer and digital strategist, one of my biggest joys is teaching others.

Whether it’s learning to code, learning to build a professional website or app, or simply offering advice on career advancement, this is my main pursuit of giving back to the community.

There are three main mediums by which I teach. 

1. YouTube

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2. Ebooks

How about Ebooks? Here are a few that I’ve written available to download instantly.

3. Online Courses

  • The Learn to Code Blueprint Course: The learn to code blueprint is a 6-month, step-by-step, week-by-week course that will take you from the foundations of programming, to being a confident programmer ready to land that dev job.
  • Build a Blog with Mezzanine: The Best Django CMSLooking for a WordPress alternative? Enjoy programming in Python? Do you love Django but wish you could have the core features there already by default and with a friendlier interface? Well Mezzanine might be exactly what you are looking for.
  • 20 Minute Methods – Learn 30 JavaScript Methods in 12 Days!With this course comes a commitment to schedule out 12 days in order to devote 20 minutes to learning individual JavaScript methods one bite at a time, with practical, hands-on examples; methods like split(), map(), slice(), join(), indexOf(), toString(), reduce(), etc.