Week One, Done

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Well, week one is in the books. Here’s a brief summary:


The first two weeks at Bloc aim at providing the “fundamentals” of basic web development. The first week consists of HTML, CSS, Git and the Command Line all via exercises  at Code School and a little from Codecademy (the majority of coding bootcamps require that you complete “prep work” before starting, however, Bloc incorporates this “prep-work” as part of its course, hence the third party sites).

Time Management

So this past week, week one, was jam-packed. I came at it full speed as I was not sure what to expect.

Now I had a prior working knowledge of HTML, CSS, Git, and the Command Line, so a lot of it was review and was very helpful to go over again, but it was quite a bit of information to chew on. Thankfully, I was able to keep to my schedule and took the quiz on Saturday to end the week on time.


My family has been very supportive. I have made it known to my wife and kids my intentions with this course, its duration, and the importance of getting work done according to the schedule I have set aside. Some days were great while some had its challenges.


The mentor meetings were great.  This is one of the reasons I chose a “bootcamp.” My mentor had some great advice on approaching code logically and seeing the overall big picture. I did not have any questions for him so both meetings ended at 30 minutes.


  • Why did I not have any questions for the mentor? Well, because I learn best by doing. This first week was all head knowledge (a necessity for foundation purposes) so, to me, it was pretty straightforward. The real test is when it comes to putting this knowledge to action. Thus, I am looking forward to the first few course projects beginning, I believe, week 3.
  • A Book Recommended to Me: Do The Work by Steven Pressfield
  • A new and helpful Podcast to listen to: CodeNewbie

Up Next…

Week two is JavaScript, and I am very excited for it! At the same time, I also have very little experience with it. We’ll see how it goes. Oh, and its also Christmas…..

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