Anyone Can Build A Website, Yes, But Here Are Three Web Skills Certain To Keep You In Demand

Its, 2017. We have very intelligent page builders, easy assembly sites like Wix, and applications that make building a website a breeze. Basically, anyone can build a website. What then is the future for us web developers and designers?

A personal story: Up until recently I myself was adamantly opposed to Page Builders. For one I never thought these tools could produce professional results, but instead cheap replicas that would eventually cause all sites to look the same. Second, it was too easy. I loved to code and build custom sites….wouldn't this dumb down the industry?

However, as tools like Beaver Builder and Elementor started to produce professional results and generate a rather noisy buzz, I decided to try them out and immediately noticed an immense benefit in their use.

At the same time, I realized that the entry barrier into this profession just lowered tremendously. Or so it seemed…

But all in all, the question still remains:

If the entry into web design is much easier with these tools, what is the future for a web developer like me or a web designer like you?

Well, to be honest I think the opportunity is even greater than before. I believe that there are a number of skills that you should now gain and market that will keep you in demand in this rapidly changing industry.

So listen up Web Designers and Developers! Given that anyone can build a website, here are three web skills certain to keep you in demand, regardless:

1. You Know How To Code

This is your greatest asset even amidst all of this changing technology. Here is an experiment to prove it:

Join the Elementor group on Facebook. What questions are being asked?

Almost all of them are CSS or coding related. People do not know how to code or are not interested in learning because they think these tools will exclude them from having to.

People are grabbing these page builders and are building nice pages, but cannot manipulate them when the need arises….and the need WILL arise.

In addition, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE, there is always one or two coding gurus in these groups that come to the rescue with everything. They are instantly elevated to the position of expert. This needs to be you. This needs to be me. (And not only in a Facebook group but out in the marketplace and business arenas).

The rise of site builders will (for now) ALWAYS produce a demand for those who can manipulate them with code. So be the supply.

2. You Realize It's No Longer About The Website Build Anyways

Anyone can build a website…..great. But that website will just sit there and stagnate. It will do nothing. It will not, by thrill of being built, go and generate leads, drive traffic, schedule appointments, sell products, etc., by itself.

The Web industry is always about providing solutions to a business in the form of a website. Why do you need a website? Who is your target audience? What are you offering? Are you showing up on Google? Are you building an email list? Are your visitors generating sales for you?

The client doesn't normally care how things are done in nerdy technical lingo, but in the form of plain and simple solutions to their business needs.

Be there to offer your client solutions in the form of a website, not just the website itself.

3. You Embrace The Change

With over 300,000 installations of Elementor, page builders are not going anywhere.

My initial opposition to them would only keep me behind in this industry and that is never a good thing.

We want to be ahead of the game. We want to be able to discuss the latest solutions with our clients. If we build plugins we want to add value to these changes. If we build themes, we want to make them more adaptable.

In addition, as we seek to position ourselves as leaders in this field we need to be equipped to work with these tools when asked to.

Never disregard serious technological advancements, but embrace them with discernment.


When new web tools are created and are being accepted by the industry, make sure you are not left behind. Remember, anyone can build a website.


But remember, many cannot then manipulate the site to the taste and satisfaction of the client.

But you are able to. You are also able to do that in such a way that meets the needs of the client.

That is, if you have embraced the changes…..with discernment.

How have you handled the addition of Page Builders, Theme Builders, and other tools that have made building websites easier? What do you think the future of Web design and development looks like?


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