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ChatGPT Code Interpreter plugin! | What do we do now?

The ChatGPT Code Interpreter plugin was announced on July 6, 2023 and has caused quite the buzz. In this post, show you how to use it, discuss the impact it’s making, and make a few AI predictions in the near future. In this post, we’ll discuss Code Interpreter, ChatGPT, and how it could impact new […]

REAL Uses of ChatGPT as a Developer | 12 Practical Examples

There are a lot of videos showing UNIQUE ChatGPT use cases and prompts, but how do we actually use it beneficially in our day-to-day tasks as developers, DevOps engineers, or IT professionals? What are some practical uses of ChatGPT that can equip us to move faster and more efficient and not only get more work […]

How to Use GitHub Copilot in Vscode

Learn how to use GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio Code. This extension with its new AI Technology literally writes code for you based on your instruction. In this tutorial, we’ll test it out. Quick Nav I Finally Got Access How To Install GitHub Copilot in VSCode? How To Use GitHub Copilot in VSCode? How I […]