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How To Pass Any Azure Certification in 2024 | Complete Guide

As 2023 winds to a close, you may want to consider 2024 to be the year that you get your first cloud certification or add another certification to your resume. And while Azure is not quite as popular as AWS, it’s right behind it, is used by many companies out there, and will provide you many options […]

Why Self Taught Developers SHOULD Get Certified

There seems to be a lot of backlash out there about the validity of IT certifications and whether they help you at all. Many, especially seasoned IT professionals, say they are a waste of time and don’t really prove anything. In the post, I want to talk about it given my experience with getting a […]

How I Passed The Microsoft Azure AZ-104 Certification Exam in 2022

Quick Nav About the Azure AZ-104 Exam Exact Resources You Need to Pass 1. Courses 2. Practice Exams 3. The Day Prior Exam Day Conclusion An Azure Administrator Certification is a highly sought-after skill by IT companies these days. If you are looking to take the Azure AZ-104 Administrator exam this year, then here is […]

Navigating S3 Using the AWS SDK for Javascript: A Guide

In this post, we’ll look at how to navigate S3 using the AWS SDK for Javascript and a build a simple practical project to demonstrate with examples. Quick Nav Install AWS SDK for Javascript How To Use The SDK AWS SDK for JavaScript S3 Examples Example 1: Uploading a File Example 2: Downloading a File […]

AWS Cross Account S3 Access: How to Trust and Assume Roles

In this post, you’ll learn how to set up AWS Cross Account S3 Access so that you can retrieve or upload files across accounts with a Lambda function. You’ll also learn how to assume roles and create a Trust relationship in order to do so. Quick Nav Scenario Overview Example: Cross Account S3 Access Via […]

Kubernetes Service Accounts: A Complete Guide For Beginners

Kubernetes Service Accounts provide identities for services that run in a pod. In this complete guide, we’ll cover service accounts basics, RBAC permissions, as well as how they work with third-party apps. Quick Nav What are Kubernetes Service Accounts? What is the Default Kubernetes Service Account? Service Account Tokens Using a Service Account With In-Cluster […]

How To Configure C# AWS SDK Credentials In Your Project

The AWS SDK for C# allows you to easily configure credentials in your application. Learn how to include these in your project to authenticate with this practical, hands-on tutorial. Quick Nav Two Ways to Setup C# AWS SDK Credentials 1. Use your local, default AWS credentials 2. Programmatically create a new profile or update existing […]

How To Use the C# AWS SDK Documentation: A Guide For Developers

The C# AWS SDK is a complete set of libraries that allow you to develop applications that interact with Amazon Web Services. This article will provide you with the real-world examples needed to set up and use this AWS SDK in your next C# project. Quick Nav Create a New Project AWS Credentials Setup Learning […]

Pulumi AWS Tutorial: Create a Lambda Function That Sends You Morning Emails Via SNS

Learn how to use the Pulumi platform with AWS in this complete, step-by-step guide. This tutorial will walk you through setting up a Pulumi stack, getting familiar with the API, and deploying and managing AWS infrastructure using Pulumi. Quick Nav What is Pulumi? AWS Management With Pulumi Setup Let’s Deploy an S3 Bucket (Intro) The […]

How to Use ClusterRoleBinding With A ServiceAccount in All Namespaces (or a few)

ClusterRoleBinding is a powerful feature of Kubernetes RBAC that allows you to grant permissions cluster-wide in all namespaces. Let’s learn how to use this with a ServiceAccount. Quick Nav What is Kubernetes RBAC? What are the differences in Role, ClusterRole and Binding? How to use ClusterRoleBinding with a ServiceAccount in All Namespaces 1. Create your […]