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40 Lessons About Life From a 40-Year-Old Developer

In step with turning 43 this year, I’ve decided to share 40 Lessons about Life that I’ve learned as a 40-year-old developer. Yeah, I know, 43 is not 40, but 43 just isn’t as catchy. And we’ll break these up into 7 sections, Relationships, Finances, Career, Programming, Fitness, Lifestyle, and Time, in that order. If […]

My Unconventional, Self-Taught, Coding Story | Unedited

Here’s an unedited, unscripted account of my journey of learning to code. From a non-traditional background, to the grind of learning the technology, I’ll take you through it all, up to the present day. In this video, I’ll share my coding story, and how I learned to code and successfully changed careers into software engineering. […]

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome For Good!

I‘ve overcome imposter syndrome for good as a developer. It no longer affects me. In this post I will share 4 things you must adopt to beat imposter syndrome once and for all.

How I Learned to Code at 34 and How You Can Do The Same Regardless Of Age

Software development isn’t just for people fresh out of college or people with college degrees. Anyone, at any age or circumstance, can learn and change careers and really, the course of their life. Here’s my story of learning to code at 34 and a blueprint on how you can do the same. Related Links My […]

A Winning Morning Routine for 30+ Year Old Men

After 30, life takes on a new seriousness not realized in your 20’s. A winning morning routine can make the overall difference between someone who continually progresses in life and someone who remains stagnant. In this post, I want to discuss its importance as well as some practical steps to creating your very own winning […]

Learning to Code Later in Life: Am I Too Old To Code?

Are you learning to code, or considering learning to code, but feel that you may be too old? You’re not! Learning to Code later in life actually has it’s benefits. I felt this way in 2016 when I decided I would learn to code. I was 35 and married with 4 children. Other than a […]

5 Top Exercise Plans For Coders and Programmers: Start today!

Coding can be mentally taxing, I know you would agree. But it also takes a toll on your physical health, so much so that you must become proactive in cultivating healthy habits, physically, in order to succeed, mentally. I experienced this firsthand over the past two weeks. Now I try to run a couple of […]

5 Everyday Health Hacks For Those With Computer Jobs

We all know it isn’t healthy to sit staring at a computer 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. In addition, many of us do this without taking breaks, exercising, eating regularly, or getting out of the “blue lights” and into the sun. Well here are 5 simple changes you can make in your […]

So I Failed My First Bloc Assessment…

So I had my first Bloc assessment on Christmas Eve (Saturday), and I did not pass it. Close, but no cigar. Passing is a 7 and above and I received a 6.5. What a let down! Immediately afterwards I felt really discouraged. My score was so close. I began to wonder, do others struggle with […]

Week One, Done

Well, week one is in the books. Here’s a brief summary: Overview The first two weeks at Bloc aim at providing the “fundamentals” of basic web development. The first week consists of HTML, CSS, Git and the Command Line all via exercises  at Code School and a little from Codecademy (the majority of coding bootcamps require that you complete […]