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How To Call a GitHub Actions Workflow From Another Workflow

So you’re creating a workflow in GitHub actions and you want to call another workflow from it. Let’s say you have a GitHub action workflow that deploys your code to your website. We’ll call the file main.yml. You also have another GitHub action workflow that gets the most popular posts from Google Analytics and updates […]

Python File Challenge | How Would You Code It?

This is an interactive post! Challenge yourself to code the solution and post it below! Video Here’s the video explanation for this challenge, with the solution. Challenge Your boss has tasked you with writing a script to get rid of duplicate files in a folder. Your company has a script that runs daily and as […]

Programming Is Not Enough | 7 Additional Skills You Need

W ith all the new technologies out there, being a developer in the traditional sense is not enough. In this post, I want to share 7 additional skills that every programmer needs to know to succeed. Quick Nav 1. Cloud Computing 2. Git/Source Control 3. Basic Database Knowledge 4. Basic Linux Knowledge 5. Basic Docker […]

A Portfolio Project Checklist for a Developer’s Success

If I was learning to code again and wanted to compile a reasonable portfolio that would successfully demonstrate my skills to an employer, I would put together something like this: Now what about technologies? Front-end vs Back-end? Freelancing? And how do you prepare for the interview and the dreaded…coding test??? Well, you can read my tips […]

The BEST Resource For Learning the Rust Programming Language This Year

In this post, I’ll share what I think is the BEST online resource for learning the Rust programming language based on teacher, platform, and breadth of content. Quick Nav What is the Rust Programming Language? Why Learn Rust? The Absolute Best Resource For Learning Rust Conclusion What is the Rust Programming Language? If you’re looking […]

Why Most Self-Taught Developers NEVER Land The Job

The truth of the matter is that many self-taught developers will never land the job. And it’s not because they can’t or that they lack the ability. It’s for another reason that comes later in the process. In this post, I’ll discuss the big hurdle that self-taught developers have a hard time jumping when trying […]

How to embed Google Drive Audio in HTML Audio Tag

There may be times where you want to create an HTML audio tag but instead of storing the MP3 on your server, you want to reference it out of your Google Drive storage. In this post, I’ll show you how to do it. Get Share Link From Google Drive MP3 File First, in Google Drive […]

My Unconventional, Self-Taught, Coding Story | Unedited

Here’s an unedited, unscripted account of my journey of learning to code. From a non-traditional background, to the grind of learning the technology, I’ll take you through it all, up to the present day. In this video, I’ll share my coding story, and how I learned to code and successfully changed careers into software engineering. […]

10 Udemy Courses EVERY Developer Should Own in 2023

Udemy is an amazing learning resource for software engineers. In this post, I want to share the top 10 Udemy courses that all developers should own. These 10 courses will serve as a toolkit to help you succeed in your IT career. Quick Nav 10 Udemy Courses Every Developer Should Own Watch the video? Udemy […]

How To SSH Into Minikube VM

Minikube is a lightweight implementation of Kubernetes that runs on your local machine. It essentially creates a VM and deploys a cluster consisting of one node only. While using Minikube, there may come a time when you need to update the kube-apiserver manifest file or perform some other maintenance that requires you to SSH into the […]