When people ask me about a good Genesis starter theme, I now answer exclusively with “the Genesis Sample theme…..with an added Sass & Gulp workflow.” I’ll share it with you in this post.

I’ve been back and forth on Genesis starter themes over the years.

I made one a while back with the Genesis Sample theme, again with a Sass and Gulp workflow, but over time realized I had changed up so much code and shifted so many things around that it had become more of a burden than a helper.

Then I came across Bill Erickson’s starter theme and really enjoyed using it for a month or two, but it just has a bit too much going on for my taste.

Thus, I decided to step back a bit and simplify things.

Here’s what I did:

First, I grabbed the latest Genesis Sample theme from Studiopress (3.0).

Second, I decided not to change anything at all except for the assets and the workflow. That means no gutting functions.php and no creating a custom plugin, by default, to throw everything in.

I used Sridhar Katakam’s Sass files to replace the default CSS.

Finally, I added WP Gulp to incorporate a full-featured Gulp workflow

So if you are looking for a nice, simple, Sassified, Gulp-driven Genesis Starter theme to begin your projects with, this one is simple to use and based off of the latest and greatest Genesis Sample theme.

Here it is: Genesis Starter Theme

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