Learn Docker in One Hour: From Docker Desktop to Deployment

A year ago I tried to learn Docker but just wasn't ready for it. The tutorials I tried to follow were too comprehensive and "theory-based."

A year later I looked back and decided I would make a tutorial that would have been much more beneficial for me then.

In this video, we’ll take a fun dive into Docker, learn some definitions, dockerize some apps, push them to Docker Hub, and deploy them to Digital Ocean.

THE DEFINITIONS 1:56 - What is Docker? 2:08 - What is a Docker Image? 3:00 - What is a Container? 3:17 - What’s the benefit? 4:13 - Virtual Machines vs Container PRACTICAL EXAMPLES 6:50 - Download Docker Desktop 8:26 - Docker Images 10:00 - Let’s Build a React App Docker Image 24:35 - Let’s Run the React App in a Container 27:16 - Show Logs / Debug 27:40 - Jump inside of your container and view/edit files 28:38 - What is Docker Compose? 28:50 - Run WordPress in a container via Docker Compose 33:48 - A local volume to view/edit our wp-content folder 41:03 - Push our React App to Dockerhub 45:03 - Deploying our React App to Digital Ocean 43:15 - Deploying our WordPress App to Digital Ocean


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