How to List Out All Post Tags Alphabetized and Indexed

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I recently was asked by a client to list out all post tags on a page, alphabetized and indexed. Her posts tags were ingredients to her recipes and would allow for an alternative way to search her site. Here’s how it looks and the code to go along with it.

Imagine you had a Recipe site and all your post tags are ingredients for your recipes.

And you wanted your site visitor to be able to find recipes based on ingredients. Something like this (and yes, these are not all recipes, but you get the point):

And so on…

This would be a nice addition to the site, perhaps on the Recipes page, to allow for the user to search for recipes by an alternative method.

And of course, this could be applied to many other site genres.

I recently set this up for a client and just wanted to share the code with you in case you are ever asked to do the same. Here it is:

// Empty array to push tags to
$tag_array = array();

// Get all tags and push to above array
$tags:  get_tags(array(
    'hide_empty' => false

foreach ($tags as $tag) {
    array_push($tag_array, $tag);

// Sort the tag_array array according to name value
function compare($a, $b){
    return ($a->name > $b->name);
usort($tag_array, "compare");

// List out letter index with anchor id's
echo '<h3>RECIPES BY INGREDIENT</h3>';
echo '<a href="#ingA">A</a><a href="#ingB">B</a><a href="#ingC">C</a><a href="#ingD">D</a><a href="#ingE">E</a><a href="#ingF">F</a><a href="#ingG">G</a><a href="#ingH">H</a><a href="#ingI">I</a><a href="#ingJ">J</a><a href="#ingK">K</a><a href="#ingL">L</a><a href="#ingM">M</a><a href="#ingN">N</a><a href="#ingO">O</a><a href="#ingP">P</a><a href="#ingQ">Q</a><a href="#ingR">R</a><a href="#ingS">S</a><a href="#ingT">T</a><a href="#ingU">U</a><a href="#ingV">V</a><a href="#ingW">W</a><a href="#ingX">X</a><a href="#ingY">Y</a><a href="#ingZ">Z</a><br><br>';

// Looping through tags
$size = sizeof($tag_array);
for ($i=0; $i < $size; $i++) { 

    // Get posts count per tag
    $tag = get_term_by('name', $tag_array[$i]->name, 'post_tag');
    $tag_count = $tag->count;

    // Get letter
    $letter = substr($tag_array[$i]->name, 0, 1); // A

    //Get tag link
    $tag_link = get_tag_link($tag_array[$i]->term_id);

    // If new letter, put heading then tag, otherwise add just tag
    if (substr($tag_array[$i]->name, 0, 1) == substr($tag_array[$i - 1]->name, 0, 1)) {
        echo '<li><a href=' . $tag_link . '>' . $tag_array[$i]->name . '</a><span> (' . $tag_count . ')</span></li>';
    } else {
        echo '</ul>';
        echo '<span id="ing' . $letter . '">' . strtoupper($letter) . '</span>';
        echo '<ul class="ingredients">';
        echo '<li><a href=' . $tag_link . '>' . $tag_array[$i]->name . '</a><span class="ingredients-number"> (' . $tag_count . ')</span></li>';
echo '</ul>';


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