I manage Docker tasks almost exclusively using VS Code. I can visualize my Docker images, containers, etc., and can run all commands, "one-click," with it. Here's how.

For most Docker newbies, we have to look up commands a lot. Docker build, Docker run, Docker exec, Docker inspect, etc.

We also have to do most things via the terminal.

I love the terminal, don't get me wrong. However, it's 2020 and I love easy GUIs just as much.

With VS Code I can easily see a list of my containers, images, volumes, repositories, and I can also run all Docker commands with simple clicks of the mouse.

If you are looking for a single interface to manage Docker as a whole, then look no further than VS Code.

Everyone loves VS Code. It does everything! And it does Docker well.

I'll show you how in this video:

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