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Hosting / Management


SiteGround is my recommended web hosting company and what I use for my site and for most of my clients’s sites. For as little as $3.95 a month you can start up a website in less than 20 minutes (a step-by-step tutorial is here).

The customer service is phenomenal, the price is affordable, there is free website migration, 99.9% uptime, free SSL, and other valuable features that make it my top recommendation.


Powered by almost 30% of the web, I recommend almost all sites to use WordPress as their content management system.

It’s open source, well-established, easy to use, and can be customized to be as easy or complex as you desire your site to be. There are truly no limits and no equal in my opinion.


Who hasn’t heard of Genesis themes. Still #1 in my book and the framework this site was built on.

Maybe not the easiest to customize, but by far the most reliable in my opinion in regards to speed, SEO, clean code, not overly bulky, and with a wide range of child themes to pick from.

Beaver Builder

A proven page builder and one that is trusted by thousands of sites out there. A great way for someone without a lot of web design or development skills to build out beautiful webpages with ease. 


Newer on the scene than Beaver Builder but already a aleader in the page builder field with regular updates and new features almost monthly!

This is my top choice and one I use on many pages of my own site.

Gravity Forms

The gold standard of forms. On the surface there isn’t anything overly flashy, but behind the scenes Gravity Forms is a powerhouse in regards to customization, development, and 3rd party integrations.

From contact forms, to lead magnets, to payments, to surveys, Gravity Forms has you covered. And if they are missing something, I can assure some add-ono plugin has been build to meet your neeed already.

MalCare WordPress Security

I stumbled across MalCare as an AppSumo deal. It was (and is currently) only $49 for a lifetime license. Originally it is $250/yr. 

You can read my comprehensive review here

MalCare is a top contender and has kepy my website safe and secure with daily auto-scans, a solid firewall, and site hardening. 

Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a lightweight, fast-loading, powerful social sharing plugin. Its visually customizable, it tracks shares, adds powerful Pinterest pinning capabilities, click to tweet, floating buttons, responsive….you name it. 

My #1 choice. 



Treehouse is a great place to learn computer programming. The teachers are top-notch, the languages and frameworks are endless, and you not only learn but you build along the way.

Sign up today for a free 7 day trial and see for yourself. is one of my absolute favorite learning resources. Not only are there tons of computer programmign and coding courses, but there are videos for every other field you can think of. 

I have used it for coding, entrepeneur/small business courses, productivity, etc., and all have been excellent. 

Best of all, they give a 30-day free trial. Give it a shot. 


Leaders are readers. Period.

However, paper or electronic books are not always the best options for what we are doing. Audiobooks can be a wonderful alternative that can be implemented in the car, on a morning run, or when you are cleaning up around the house or doing yard work.

Audible gives two free books (yours to keep) with a 30-day free trial.


Google Suite

If you are serious about your business, you need a professional email, one that ends in your domain (i.e., not

For $5 a month you have have your own professional email, as many aliases as you want, plus tons of other great features provided by Google for your business.

Zoho Books

I tried a number of account apps for my freelance business but I found every one deficient of something I needed, except for Zoho Books.

For $9 a month you can generate invoices, track time, budget multiple accounts, etc., and I find that it combines more features into one program than others such as Freshbooks or Xero.

Amazon Prime

I didn’t think I needed it but now can’t live without it! Just do it!

From free two day shipping, discounted overnight shipping, streaming movies, etc. it really does pay for itself after a year of using it.


Blue-light Blocking Computer Glasses

Not cool I know, but those nights where you are sitting there coding or working on the computer, put these on. These add extra protection against that blue light that has been proven to disrupt sleep and really do make the world of difference…..and these are the real deal, not the knock-offs. 

And here’s the version for those with glasses already.