What does that e mean in JavaScript and jQuery?

When I first learned the basics of JavaScript, I wasn't told about the "e" that you often see passed as a parameter in functions.

Yet, I went on to learn the framework of WordPress, PHP, etc., starting doing coding work for a couple of agencies, and every once in a while, while working on a project, I would see that little e in a script somewhere.

I thought, "What does that e mean in JavaScript and jQuery?"

For a while I just ignored it.

But eventually I took the time to look it up, and it is a very, very informative and powerful little object.

If you search Google you will find many explanations and tutorials to help you out.

Regardless, I decided to add to the lineup with a brief, simplified video of this event object, its properties, and how it can be a very useful tool to embrace.

So, here it is: What does that e mean in JavaScript and jQuery?


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