The Best Web Development Courses on Udemy (By Language)

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Udemy is still one of my favorite sites to level or learn something new. In this post, I’ll open up my account and share what I think are the Best Web Development Courses on Udemy, by language.

If you’re a developer I bet you have a purchased a lot of Udemy courses. I know I have.

In fact, I have 45.

And I want to share what I believe are the best web development courses based on what I currently own.

Now wait, how can I say the courses I own are the best? Well, maybe I can’t…or maybe I can. Here’s why I think I can:

I spend a lot of time researching a course before buying a new one. I read reviews, research the instructor, carefully look through the curriculum, watch previews, etc.

All that is to say, I believe I own some of the best Udemy courses out there and think I have a good idea by which to recommend to others.

And I want to share those with you in this post, broken down by language.

Here we go:

The Best Web Development Courses on Udemy (By Language)

Here’s the video version of this post. Be sure to watch for more details on each course.


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