The Best Web Development Courses on Udemy (By Language)

Udemy is still one of my favorite sites to level or learn something new. In this post, I'll open up my account and share what I think are the Best Web Development Courses on Udemy, by language.

If you’re a developer I bet you have a purchased a lot of Udemy courses. I know I have.

In fact, I have 45.

And I want to share what I believe are the best web development courses based on what I currently own.

Now wait, how can I say the courses I own are the best? Well, maybe I can’t…or maybe I can. Here’s why I think I can:

I spend a lot of time researching a course before buying a new one. I read reviews, research the instructor, carefully look through the curriculum, watch previews, etc.

All that is to say, I believe I own some of the best Udemy courses out there and think I have a good idea by which to recommend to others.

And I want to share those with you in this post, broken down by language.

Here we go:

The Best Web Development Courses on Udemy (By Language)

Here’s the video version of this post. Be sure to watch for more details on each course.

And for those preferring to read, most of the courses mentioned are listed here…

PYTHON: The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp -

JAVASCRIPT: Modern JavaScript from the Beginning - Complete JavaScript Course 2020 - Modern React Bootcamp - JavaScript Full-Stack From Scratch - Crash Course for Busy Developers - the Complete Guide - JS 2 -

GOLANG: Go: The Complete Developer’s Guide -

PHP: PHP For Beginners - Complete Guide to Laravel - WordPress Theme & Plugin Development Course -

DART/FLUTTER: The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp -

C#/NET: The Complete ASP.NET MVC 5 Course - Book I mentioned (BEST RESOURCE IMO) -

RUST: Building Reusable Code with Rust From Scratch - WEB

DESIGN: The Complete Guide to Affinity Designer -

*Some of these are affiliate links. See Affiliate Disclaimer below for more information.


What are your favorite Udemy courses? Which have you benefitted most from?


** This article may contain affiliate links. Please read the affiliate disclaimer for more details.

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