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A Review of Voila: The All-In-One AI Assistant

While many people are chasing the latest and greatest in AI tools, many of us would benefit from ONE, simple tool that does it all! Today I want to share with you the tool that I use. Quick Nav What is Voila? Why Voila? How Do I Get Voila? How I Use Voila 1. As […]

My Favorite Udemy Python Courses of 2021: Top 5

In this post, we’ll look at 5 of the best Udemy Python Courses of 2021 for those looking to either learn Python or to take their Python skills to the next level. Quick Nav 1. 100 Days of Code: The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2022 By Angela Yu 2. The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp […]

Cloudways Review and Tutorial: Managed WordPress Hosting In the Cloud

Cloudways is a very affordable, managed, multi-cloud hosting platform for PHP sites (notably WordPress). In this post, I’ll discuss why I recommend it, the benefits, as well as a tutorial of how to get your site set up on CloudWays. Quick Nav Why I Recommend Cloudways for Managed WordPress Hosting What is Cloudways? Why use […]

KPIBees Review: A Powerful Google Sheets Addon For Data Retrieval

KPIBees is a powerful add-on for Google Sheets that allows you to easily retrieve data from many sources like Google Analytics, YouTube, MongoDB etc. and have that data neatly populated in a spreadsheet. In this post, we’ll look at KPIbees in depth including a few hands-on examples. Quick Nav What is KPIBees? What data sources […]

Where I Find Working Coupon Codes for Udemy Every Time

If you’re a Udemy user, you know that there are always coupons for Udemy courses floating around the web. This article will show you where to find working coupon codes and promo codes to save on your Udemy course purchases, every time. Quick Nav Intro Where To Reliably Find Udemy Coupon Codes: Three Methods Method […]

My Top 20 Mac Apps for Developers and Productive Content Creators

Here are my top 20 best Mac apps for Developers and Productive Content Creators. I use these apps every day to write clean code, create quality content, and stay productive. Quick Nav Introduction Terminal 1. iTerm2 2. Fig 3. Oh My Zsh DevOps Tools 4. Docker Desktop 5. Docker Desktop Kubernetes 6. Lens Programming Tools […]

How the Grovemade Desk Pad Transformed My Home Office: A Review

I just added the Grovemade desk pad and Grovemade desk shelf to my home office and couldn’t be more impressed. In this post, I want to share why a desk pad such as Grovemade’s makes a difference and how it transformed my home office. Quick Nav Watch the Video My Grovemade Desk Pad Pick 3 […]

My Favorite Udemy Course of 2021 as a Software Developer

It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited about a Udemy course. In this post, I want to share with you what I’m calling my favorite Udemy course of 2021 as a software developer. I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of Udemy and continue to dive in and out of […]

Top 10 Oh My Zsh Plugins For Productive Developers

Zshell is a powerful terminal and popular alternative to bash. Oh My Zsh is an open source framework for Zshell with many themes and plugins. In this post, I’ll share my top 10 plugins and how they can make developers who use them, more productive. Quick Nav Video version Zsh Autosuggestions Sudo Web Search Copydir […]

The Best Web Development Courses on Udemy (By Language)

Udemy is still one of my favorite sites to level or learn something new. In this post, I’ll open up my account and share what I think are the Best Web Development Courses on Udemy, by language. If you’re a developer I bet you have a purchased a lot of Udemy courses. I know I […]