Plug&Paid Review and Walkthrough: A Simple E-Commerce Solution

In this Plug&Paid review, we'll look at the practical features of this simple E-commerce solution as we set up a digital product from start to finish.

From digital products, to subscriptions, to services, and even physical products and all that they require (shipping info, dimensions, etc), Plug&Paid includes it all.

It stores your inventory and allows you to create "plugs," which end up being widgets, buttons, or links to place on your site. When these links are clicked, everything is handled on the same page through a nice popup modal. No cart, no redirects!

Plug&Paid also keeps track of your cart views, sales, customers, etc. all in an attractice dashboard for you to monitor.

Check out this Plug&Paid review and walkthrough as I set up a digital product:

Plug&Paid Overall Thoughts

I think this app is golden and can meet the needs well of many businesses and bloggers. I, personally, will be setting it up on my site as I don't need a full-fledged cart, but just a way to purchase my ebooks and services with ease. Perhaps I can even ditch WooCommerce overall!

There are a few negative Plug&Paid reviews on AppSumo, mostly of people who want it ALL for $49. Well, this app doesn't promise it "all." It's created for a specific, "easy-to-use," business need and in my opinion meets this need very well.

And as with almost all AppSumo deals, there are features left out that you may have to upgrade to in the future if needed (Webhooks, custom domains, etc.), and you can see these on the roadmap before you purchase (coupons, upsells, and affiliates will be part of this AppSumo deal).

But for $49, lifetime, you are getting some great value here. If it meets your needs, buy it. If you need more, buy it and upgrade with a discount in the future. If you want it to do everything, and it doesn't for $49, then don't buy it. Simple.

** The Appsumo deal is finished. But try it FREE for 30 days with the link below

My Only Complaint

I'm actually very pleased with Plug&Paid and like the functionality it provides. But the fact that the product images are landscape only and can only be cropped to a pre-determined ratio rules out a nice ebook photo. If you watched the video, you know what I mean.

But from the creator's reply on the AppSumo question board, I'm hoping this will be updated/fixed soon.


Again, if you sell products and don't need a cart, or if you sell services or subscriptions (web developers, designers, we all do this, right?), then Plug&Paid is a wonderful, clean solution. It makes it very easy for your customers to buy from you.

This deal is on AppSumo currently at $49, lifetime license. That means you don't pay again after purchase. A very good purchase for your business in my opinion.

** The Appsumo deal is finished. But try it FREE for 30 days with this link!

Go check it out for more information:


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